I seal the blog
2012-09-02 Sun 02:48

To study in the November 8 now, I seal the blog updates.

I want to be a cool dad, I confront the qualification you want to win at any cost in order to protect your family as well.

This is an update of the pause updated until November 08, I would like to have your understanding to everyone of X-ZONE.

Reality is that ordinary people do not win mountable to layer on the Great Recession of recent years, a wealthy family would only

I I want to protect children

Let me see why I win.

Do students of junior high school students are spoiled

Do not lose because it fell

I will, I'll go ahead ...

I have repeated more than 30 years to life along Yu.

I rob the wings themselves so until November.

We're Gonna Go


I'm doing so have lived

I take away their own freedom for a little while until now Thank you.

I take the liberty of victory for himself.

I'm going to come back again when fun

Raku interim

I will concentrate on the test.

I'm sorry

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